III. Animated Films

1. Categories

• Amateurs (children, young people, adults)
• Professional filmmakers (including those still studying, apprentices, etc.) and
   professional animated filmmakers

2. Type, technology, format

• Complete animated short film of up to a maximum 20 minutes
• The film must not contain any canned music
• Any filming technique can be chosen: 2D/3D animation, flash, cartoon, stop motion,
   flick books, etc.
• Technical specifications: e.g. Quicktime h264, MP4 (H264)
• File size of up to 50 MB and for publication purposes an additional ZIP file of
   1 GB maximum in the highest possible resolution
• At the organisers’ request (for example, in the event of winning a prize/a special recognition),
   the participant is to provide a high-resolution version of the submitted work on a
   data DVD (video-DVD)
• TV commercial and cinema trailer (see genre VIII. A Advertising/PR)

3. Topics

3.1. Range of topics
Violence – Consequences – Solutions

3.2. Range of topics
Looking to the future to the diversity of a life full of joie
de vivre, sincerity, harmony, love, friendship, the laughter of children and much more
Example:  "What made you happy last week?"


4. Conditions of participation

• Submissions must be uploaded to the competition’s digital film database by participants
• Amateur animated filmmakers and “animated filmmakers in training" must describe
   the topic of the work
• Bilingual texts and/or dialogues (written, spoken, displayed, etc.) in German and English;
   one of both languages sufficient as a PDF,
   (the translators will be integrated in a possible prize ceremony/award),
• Simultaneously, the work must be submitted in genre
   V. Soundtracks/Sound Design
• Animated films that include cinematic work will further be entered in the
  Category for Films (see below), 
• Participants (also one representative of a group) must send a completed and
   signed entry form as an attachment to the e-mail address provided,  
   participation is not possible without registration.
• The organisers’ decision is final. There is no recourse to legal action.

Closing date for entries: 31 July 2015

We recommend uploading works to the database at least four days before the closing date and mailing the written entry form (PDF) in good time.