7th International Creative Contest 2015



Media Contest in 9 genres


Photography   ♦  Films   ♦  Animated Films   ♦  Game Design   ♦ 
Film Soundtracks/Sound Design   ♦  Dramaturgy   ♦ 
Painting/Drawing/Illustration/Comic Art   ♦  
Advertising/PR   ♦  Journalism


 Motto:  "Change the world! Be creative! Take part!"



 This contest offers special opportunities
♦  to win prestigious awards for outstanding achievements, 
♦  to acquire public recognition and present your work,
♦  to share the stage with international guest stars.


The contest is aimed at
both professionals and amateurs,
children, young people and adults,
people who are creative, curious, artistic, committed, responsible,
people who are not indifferent to violence and crime,
people who feel very strongly about preventing violence,
people who want to achieve something,
national and international audiences.



Once again this year, awards for exceptional productions
will be presented to celebrities from the film industry
during a gala event in Munich.