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Our vision
... is also a provocation
Although war and acts of violence are among the normal, everyday practices of our time, they still cannot be regarded as embodying the “law of nature”. Instead, they have been created by man as an expression of the abyss of the human psyche and the primitiveness of human actions. They are man's excessive greed for material wealth (1) and the desire to appropriate this ruthlessly (by means of violence and power, lies, through fraud and manipulation). The consequences are death, people with physical disabilities or who have been psychologically heavily traumatised, endless suffering, desperate need and unbearable poverty.
If we look at what is happening in the world today, we see that although rulers from both monarchies as well as “democracies” issue the call to war, they themselves never fight on the front or in the thick of the battle; instead, they always send “the others” into such a war, those who - consciously or unconsciously - function as tools, killing and finally being killed themselves. There is, therefore, something that everyone must understand: it's time to stop allowing ourselves to be misused for false interests and objectives.
National mourning in 2014 for 300 dead, shot down in a passenger aircraft while flying over the Ukraine, national mourning in 2015 for 150 who died in a plane crash in the Alps.
But who orders a state of national mourning for the thousands of children, women, peace-loving men killed in the war zones, dismissed and, at the same time, discriminated against as “collateral damage”? Is this humane? Is it “human rights”?
Thousands of people are fleeing from the war zones to Europe to escape these wars. It is estimated that 100,000 young people left Europe in 2014 to join the Arabian wars. Has the world gone mad?
We believe that all those who are fanatical about war and embrace violence with enthusiasm, those with lethal weapons and heavy munitions, should go to one of the large deserts and kill each other off, led by those politicians and rulers who love violence. Only then will the way be open for all peace-loving people to pursue a meaningful and valuable purpose of life and together find constructive solutions for the existential problems of the world.
The prerequisite for peace and a life without violence is to ignite a global spark of comprehension that the actual value of life is not found in material wealth, but in spiritual wealth, not in mutually killing one another, but in peaceful co-existence.
How do we get that into people's heads? Certainly not by using force.
(1) to an extent that no one needs